What is the Difference Between a Sports Car and a Supercar? Chicago IL

There are two types of people in this world: those who prefer luxury cars and those who prefer sporty cars. Whether we enjoy the finer things in life or simply just want to fuel our need for adrenaline and speed, there is a car out there for you in the automotive world. While there are many overlaps between the two, sometimes even car enthusiasts struggle with what differentiates a sports car from a supercar.

What Makes a Sports Car? Chicago IL

Think of the sports car as the base or entry-level version of a performance car. It is also the broadest category of performance cars; though, it may have many similar attributes to supercars, they are often more affordable and have a lower top speed. However, their engine and performance engineering surpasses that of supercars in some cases. Sports cars offer four-, rear-, or even front-wheel drive. They can have their engine in the front, middle, or rear as well. Above all, a sports car is typically boisterous, yet enjoyable.

These five characteristics often distinguish sports cars from supercars:
1. Rareness
2. Price
3. Performance
4. Design
5. Speed

Due to the fact that it is nearly impossible to account for all attributes (since these are only a few), it becomes difficult to accurately measure an exact fit for each automotive category. This also makes the classification process arbitrary, allowing you to form your own opinion as well.

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What is a Supercar? Chicago IL

What differentiates supercars from sports cars is their exceptional top speed, performance, and acceleration statistics that moves performance cars up in their hierarchy. Though in certain instances a sports car can be faster than a hypercar, lap times are not the only differentiating factors of sports and supercars. Supercars typically have an output above 500 horsepower and are more expensive than sports cars which places them in a lower percentile of affordability. While this may not be a very tangible measurement, the feel of the car actually determines the category it ranks in.

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